“Raising Awareness in Our Own Time and Space”

Welcome!! Let us introduce the brothers!

We specialise in Disability Awareness Products.

When parenting/raising children with disabilities, trying to teach them how to overcome challenges and develop confidence can be a very tricky journey indeed.

Hence, the creation of Brothers Awareness Emporium Ltd:

⭐ To provide Evan & Olly with: much needed, regular, at-home physical therapy; interaction; confidence and multi-skill building; independence and purpose.

⭐ To help raise awareness of the whole disability community with its wide spectrum of conditions, whether visible or hidden, physical or cognitive, well known or very rare.

⭐ To anticipate a vision for Evan’s and Olly’s future: employment opportunities for adults with learning disabilities are notoriously extremely limited, so we wanted to give them a platform they could grow into, learn from, and build their future into.

A little about the boys…

Evan was born with Down syndrome in June 2014. He suffered a significant stroke in 2019 which left him with left-sided weakness and devastating lasting effects: although he is walking again, he relies heavily on his wheelchair when out and about, and tries hard to regain some use of his left arm. Evan is zestful, loveable, determined, very sociable and a true inspiration when it comes to overcoming challenges.

Olly was born in January 2016. Olly is sensitive, gentle, playful, and kind. He loves swimming, splashing and large outdoor areas where he can run around at speed to burn off his energy. Olly is Autistic, has selective mutism, and has ARFID. He also loves to relax/jump/stim in his safe space with his iPad and soft cushions.

Should there be any suggestions regarding products which could be developed, feel free to leave feedback. If for any reason you need to contact us about your order or concerning any of the products please

EMAIL US: AwarenessEmporium@gmail.com


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